EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is the most secure and stable messaging solution of the market.
It has been deployed for more than 15 years all around the world in small and very big networks for capacity from a few transactions per second up to more than several ten thousands transactions per second.

Evistel SMSeXchanger has evolved with the latest industry standards and needs. On top of a messaging router, it includes a flexible digital provider manager, a SIP communication interface for WiFi SMS, a traffic offload mechanism…

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is a highly flexible solution that covers all legacy and future messaging needs: enhanced routing, fast and easy digital provider connection, traffic control, rating&charging, SPAM control…

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is a robust solution that guarantees the secure delivery of 100% of SMS no matter what the access-network is (2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Lte), no matter which level your traffic reaches.

  • Content Providers Control
  • IP and legacy Messaging routing
  • Store & Forward
  • SPAM Protection & Firewalling
  • Real-time advanced charging
  • Traffic saturation control for high throughput
  • Service builder