WiFi calling

Use mobile phone under WiFi coverage as in legacy 2G/3G/4G coverage !

Make calls with your usual phone number, send and receive messages while connected to WiFi !

EVISTEL WiFi calling is a plug and play solution to boost mobile network coverage thanks to WiFi hotspots. It allows connecting any WiFi hotspot to data core network: user experience under WiFi coverage is then similar to experience under legacy networks. Calls, SMS, MMS can be performed and received with their legacy phone number. All network services are available (voicemail, calls to 08xx numbers, VPN services…).

EVISTEL WiFi calling easily extends network coverage where WiFi hotspots can be found: at home, at offices, in public space, while roaming…

  • Extend network coverage with WiFi hotspots to offer network services where mobile networks coverage is not available like in buildings, offices…
  • WiFi offload to limit load on legacy network, for example for subscribers at home.
  • Compete with OTT by offering similar services like attractive roaming prices, on top of all services the user is used to (like usage of his legacy phone number, voicemail…)