Solutions in the Cloud

EVISTEL delivers all its solutions on private cloud in a SaaS mode (“Software As A Service”). Our turnkey SaaS solutions are rented for defined or undefined periods.
SaaS mode provides easy and fast answers to operators’ specific needs: fast marketing campaign, temporary increase of network capacity, live tests of new services, maintenance outsourcing…


All EVISTEL platforms and solutions are Cloud compatible. They can be deployed in operators’ premises as traditional telco solutions, but they are also offered in a private cloud as a full package service (as Software as a Service – SaaS). In this last option, the operator just has to subscribe to the expected service and integrates it with its network via secure tunneling. The solution is delivered turnkey what includes help for integration into the network, full support (level 1 to level 3), help for service configuration… operator then just has to focus on the service it wants to launch !… Statistics, reports, monitoring, logs&CDR are available for perfect follow-up of the service success.

The SaaS mode simplifies the deployment of services and platforms in operators’ network, but above all, it comes with a new commercial model and matches the new telecom network architecture. EVISTEL SaaS solutions ease and speed up the resolution of today’s challenges:

  • Fast increase of SMS capacity for events that generate peaks of traffic
  • Launch rich marketing campaign during a couple of months
  • Live trials and tests of new services and technologies
  • On-demand services for specific market segments (company offers…)
  • Fast answer to requirements coming from partners or third party
EVISTEL cloud solutions