Enforcement solutions

EVISTEL enforcement solutions is a full suite for the tracking of mobile devices: identifications of devices, accurate geo-location, geo-mapping and analysis.
The suite fits the needs of security agencies tracking targets and criminals, but is also used for geo-location of emergency calls.


As everyone owns a mobile phone and always keeps it with him: tracking a mobile device is the best way to track a target.
Tracking a mobile devices follows a full process: the device shall be identified, then it shall be localized with the best accuracy, and finally, the location shall be visualized and analysed.

EVISTEL enforcement suite provides all optimal tools required while tracking a target: Device Identification solution to guess the devices that are used by the target, Mobile Location Center to calculate its accurate coordinates, and Geo-Analysis tools for the exploitation of the target’s positions.

All solutions are based on information taking from mobile networks. It works for all type of handsets and all type of networks (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G…).
The solution is highly secured. It is composed of a box that shall be integrated in mobile operators’ premises and a central server installed in agencies.

EVISTEL Mobile Location Center (MLC) locates any mobile device by processing data from mobile operators.

The position is calculated in real time with the best possible accuracy. The calculation combines different methods taking into account the device capabilities, the network type (2G/3G/4G or 5G), the environment (urban, countryside‚Ķ)…

  • Works for all type of handsets and all type of networks
  • Strategical solution for real-time tracking of identified targets
  • Localise originating emergency calls

A target that does not want to be tracked can easily try to escape form it by constantly exchanging his SIM card or mobile phone.

EVISTEL Mobile Device Identification integrates a set of tools to identify in real time all devices, SIM cards and phone numbers used by a target. The solution detects automatically abnormal behavior, phone or SIM swapping.

  • Automatic and real-time detection of phone numbers used by a target
  • Several scenarios for better identification
  • open API for plugging in external systems like lawful interception systems.

EVISTEL geo-analysis ang geo-fencing tools offers a graphical representation of targets’ locations and a set of tools to optimise the tracking

  • tracking Advanced management
  • location visualisation with layers
  • several alarms with plugin mechanism
  • geo-fencing Tools
  • behaviors detection