IMS & Service continuity

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is the heart of all next-generation networks.
EVISTEL offer solutions that avail the new capacities brought by IMS technologies, and that ease the migration of all legacy services to IMS.


Next-generation networks will be full IP based, with communications controled by an IMS network. IMS provides new capabilities for new services like RCS (Rich Communication Services), but the technology is complex and migration of existing services to this new infrastructure can be a real challenge.

For more than 10 years, EVISTEL has invested to master IMS technologies. All EVISTEL solutions are now IMS compatible, and we have developped specific solutions for IMS:

  • new services that harness IMS technologies: RCS suite for next generation messaging and advanec Business-to-customers communication, WiFi Calling to extend legacy mobile networks with WiFi hotspots
  • gateways and controller to bring legacy services to IMS world: IP-SM-GW for existing messagng services (SMS…), SIP controler for all IN and voice services.

RCS is the standard of the next-generation messaging. RCS creates new opprotunities for Business-to-Customer messaging with rich contents, secured messages, interactive chatbots…

EVISTEL RCS suite allows easy and fast launch of Rich Business Messaging (RBM) and more globally of RCS services. The solution integrates all required elements to fit all operators’ needs. It can be deployed in operators’ premisses or in a private cloud.

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EVISTEL IP-SM-GW is a full standard solution to seamlessly offer legacy messaging services (SMS, USSD) over IMS network.

The solution acts as a gateway between IMS world and legacy messaging systems (SMS-C…).

  • easy launch of SMS over WiFi
  • seamless SMS experience under pure VoLTE coverage
  • easy integration with existing infrastructure

EVISTEL WiFi calling is a plug and play solution to boost mobile network coverage thanks to WiFi hotspots.

The solution allows connecting any WiFi hotspot to data core network. It is completely transparent to the end-user which keep the same user experience as in legacy networks: calls, SMS, MMS can be performed and received with their legacy phone number. All network services are available (voicemail, calls to 08xx numbers, VPN services…).

  • Extend network coverage with WiFi hotspots where mobile signal is weak (like in buildings, offices…)
  • Offload legacy network using local WiFi hotsports
  • Compete with OTT by offering attractive roaming prices

EVISTEL SIP Call Control provides a centralized and enhanced control of all SIP calls.

Simply connected into the IMS network, the soliution extends the flexibility and the control on voice calls and SIP sessions. It offers SIP control features for SIP filtering and interoperability.

  • Smart routing based on subscriber profile, call information…
  • Call re-routing
  • Calls control
  • Announcements with IP IVR