Value Addes Services (VAS)

EVISTEL offers a full set of Value-Added-Services to telco operators.
In line with market evolution, EVISTEL solutions are fully open: operators or third-party can adapt, create or modify any provided service.
The VAS services includes person-to-person (P2P) services, but also Business-to-Customers (B2C) services and even Application-to-Application (A2A) services.


Values-Added-Services (VAS) represent all these services coming on top of voice and data: they better customer experience, differentiate one operator to another, increase network usage and revenues…
With market penetration of smartphones and apps, the telco VAS has widely changed: services require more and more interactions, they shall support several bearers (messaging, apps…), more and more services are from application to person (A2P) rather than between persons (P2P).

EVISTEL has develops solutions to fulfill these new needs: the Open Service Platform (OSP) which is a central VAS engine, fully flexible and open, with lots of interfaces. The OSP can be used to develop any P2P or A2P services.

This solution is completed by the ESME Gateway solution that controls all external platforms that provide VAS service and need to access operator’s network. EVISTEL ESME Gateway can be extended by the Rich Business Messaging (RBM) to support new VAS and chatbots based on RCS technologies.

EVISTEL Open Service Platform is an open platform for operators, integrator and third parties that want to easily create and deploy new services.

The solution offers a full development environment with an embedded graphical Service Creation Environment for complete service integration, testing and deployment. It natively integrates several network and IT interfaces.

  • Fast and easy creation of new services: USSD menus & apps, or SMS services, multi-MSISDN…
  • Business-to-customers services (B2C): information broadcast…
  • Application-to-application services: provisioning orchestration…

EVISTEL ESME provides full control on internal or external applications that need to access networks systems. It offers a secured and easy access to netwrok for applications and servers.

Operator can then set a “contract” with every application defining how they can access to the network and how they can build services on top of the network. The solution enforces this contract: it controls the application identity, routes requests towards the different network nodes, protects the network and the end-user, charge applications, fights against network saturation…

  • Broadcasting of messages to end-user
  • Advanced SMPP gateway with antiSPAM and sophisticated routing
  • Payment gateway for secured mobile payment

EVISTEL Rich Business Messaging (RBM) allows creating rich Business-to-Customer communication with interactive chatbot, rich content, geolocation sharing…

The solution lets any application to use the RCS technologies (the standard next-generation messaging) to dialog with end-users in a secured and simple way.

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