Rich Communication Services suite

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the new standard for the messaging in mobile networks.
EVISTEL RCS suite provides fast launch and monetization of RCS services. It offers an easy deployment of rich messaging for Business-to-Customers communications.


Rich Communication Services offers a new experience of messaging. Brands and businesses can take advantage of it for direct communication with their customers. This new promotion channel exceeds all existing ones (SMS/MMS, e-mail, web…): direct push of rich content to end-user, interactive communication with chatbots, guaranteed message source and fishing protection, deep analysis of end-user actions…

The RCS Business-to-Customers messaging (also called Rich Business Messaging) is a new modern monetization ecosystem for both businesses and operators.

EVISTEL Rich Communication Services suite enables Rich Business Messaging (RBM) to be launched rapidly. The suite is modular and fits all needs and specificities of every operator, regardless of technologies and systems that exist in the network.

EVISTEL Rich Communication Services suite is fully virtualized and NFV-compatible. It can be deployed in operator premises (as traditional telco solution), or in a private cloud, for faster launch and a more flexible mode of acquisition of the solution.

EVISTEL Rich Business Messaging (RBM) solution lets any application or chatbot connect to operator RCS system in a secured, certified and easy way. It embeds a composer and a scheduler for fast creation and delivery of RBM messages to end-users.

Brands and businesses can then extend their communications to their customers with a RCS channel: extension of SMS/MMS A2P communication with rich communication with rich and interactive content, connection of website chatbot to RCS for push and direct communication to end-users.

  • Easy and secured connection to operators’ network via open API
  • Advanced Business-to-Customers (B2C) messaging with rich card containing logo, images, audio files, caroussels, geo-location…
  • Interactive communication with choices, suggestions…
  • Full control and analysis of RCS campaigns
  • Opt-in/opt-out, identity hidding and SPAM control to protect end-users

EVISTLE core RCS is the heart of the RCS messaging. Simply connected to IMS netwrok, it manages all services and bearers required by RCS.

The solutions embeds all modules for full RCS services delivery: SIP AS for session control and services signalling, MSRP B2BUA for the transport of big-size message, HTTP server for file transfer, Message Store…

  • support of all applications rich communication services: brand discovery, rich cards with carrousels, chat, file and audio transfer…
  • support of all peer services: multi-devices, chat, audio messaging, file transfer, geolocation sharing…
  • gateway to legacy messaging services (SMS, MMS…)
  • stable and robust platform that can reach very high capacity

EVISTEL compacted IMS is a full standard IMS network.

The solution can be delivered fully integrated with RBM and core RCS: it provides fast launch of these services in operators without live IMS network.

  •  Standard IMS with all functions required by RCS messaging
  •  Compact and easy to deploy