Messaging & Communication

EVISTEL offers the most powerful convergent messaging solution of the market. It manages all types of messages for all types of traffic (person-to-person, application-to-person…) and is full of features for advanced routing, overload protection, charging, smart services…
EVISTEL solution is ready for IMS, WiFi and globally next generation messaging.


There is no mobile network success without messaging. SMS remains a key bearers in mobile communications and is still widely used.

Since its beginning, EVISTEL has developped messaging platforms and solutions. With 20 years of experience, we offer the most robust and complete convergent messaging solution of the market.

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger, the subset of our global messaging platform focusing on SMS (currently the most used messaging bearer), manages all aspectss of SMS services and traffic; routing & delivery, antispam, broadcast…

Our messaging solution is not limited to SMS, on top of other legacy messaging bearers, we manage, we same features and platform, the next generation messaging and bearers: SMS over WiFi via the IP-SM-GW and  new Rich Communications Services (RCS) which offer new opportunities for Business-to-Customer communication.

Following messaging trends from person-to-person (P2P) to application-to-person (A2P), we have extended our control gateway (ESME Gateway) allowing any appilcation to send messages to end-users and more globally to access operator’s network.

EVISTEL SMSeXchanger is the most secure and stable messaging solution of the market.

It is a highly flexible solution that covers all legacy and future messaging needs: enhanced routing, fast and easy connnection to providers, traffic control, real-time rating & charging, SPAM control…

The solution is robust and guarantees the secure delivery of 100% of SMS no matter what the access-network is (2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Lte, 5G) and the throughput level.

  • Full SMS-C with Advanced routing and delivery
  • IP and legacy Messaging delivery, routing and control
  • SPAM Protection & Firewalling
  • Real-time advanced charging
  • Traffic saturation control for high throughput

EVISTEL ESME provides full control on internal or external applications that need to access networks systems and in particular messaging platforms. It offers a secured and easy access to network for applications and servers.

Operator can then set a « contract » with every application defining how they can access to the network and how they can build services on top of the network. The solution enforces this contract: it controls the application identity, routes requests towards the different network nodes, protects the network and the end-user, charge applications, fights against network saturation…

  • Broadcasting of messages to end-user
  • Advanced SMPP gateway with antiSPAM and sophisticated routing
  • SMS-C and applications load-balancer

RCS is the standard of the next-generation messaging. RCS creates new opprotunities for Business-to-Customer messaging with rich contents, secured messages, interactive chatbots…

EVISTEL RCS suite allows easy and fast launch of Rich Business Messaging (RBM) and more globally of RCS services. The solution integrates all required elements to fit all operators’ needs. It can be deployed in operators’ premisses or in a private cloud.

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EVISTEL IP-SM-GW is a full standard solution to seamlessly offer legacy messaging services (SMS, USSD) over IMS network.

The solution acts as a gateway between IMS world and legacy messaging systems (SMS-C…).

  • easy launch of SMS over WiFi
  • seamless SMS experience under pure VoLTE coverage
  • easy integration with existing infrastructure

EVISTEL Messaging solution is a convergent solution working in the same way with the same features for SMS (currently the most used teclo messaging bearer), and all other messaging bearers: MMS, USSD…

The solution can be deployed as full messaging solution or to answer specific needs: as SMPP gateway for SMS/USSD, as full MMS-C or as MMS-C front-end…