Mobile Internet

To control IP flows, EVISTEL offers a powerful deep packet inspector with enforcement.
The solution sniffes and controls in real-time all IP packets. It can be used for any data traffic control and routing, like for Parental Control or WiFi Calling.


EVISTEL has designed an high capacity IP Access Gateway (called Deep Data Controller) to control IP flows in data networks.

The solution answers operators and ISP needs. For each data connection, it identifies the end-user and applies the policies defined for this end-user. The solution is based on a robust traffic analyzer with enforcement to block, reroute or modify IP packets.

The solution has been customized to fit two specific business needs: a Parental Control solution with addition of a full list of categorized web sites, and a WiFi Calling solution to extend mobile networks with WiFi hotspots.


EVISTEL WiFi calling is a plug and play solution to boost mobile network coverage thanks to WiFi hotspots.

The solution allows connecting any WiFi hotspot to data core network. It is completely transparent to the end-user which keep the same user experience as in legacy networks: calls, SMS, MMS can be performed and received with their legacy phone number. All network services are available (voicemail, calls to 08xx numbers, VPN services…).

  • Extend network coverage with WiFi hotspots where mobile signal is weak (like in buildings, offices…)
  • Offload legacy network using local WiFi hotsports
  • Compete with OTT by offering attractive roaming prices

EVISTEL Parental Control is a full parental control solution for operator’s subscribers.
Simply connected to any data network, it provides real-time analysis and blocking of unwanted web sites and web applications.

  • Core network solution simply activated via SMS or USSD
  • Plug and Play with automatic update of full list of categorized web sites
  • Highly customizable via SMS, USSD, web GUI…

EVISTEL Deep Data Controller is a powerful smart box that analyses, controls and enforces IP traffic.

Simply plugged into the network, the solution extends control on IP flows for every subscriber: deep trafic analysis of all protocols, data charging control (bill shock prevention…), throughput enforcement…

EVISTEL Deep Data Controller is a high capacity solution that fits to any type of networks: mobile network (4G/LTE, 5G…), Wi-Fi, fixed ISP (ADSL…)…

  • Detection and control of network saturation
  • Throughput limitations and fair-usage policies
  • Bill shock prevention